About us


For over forty-five years Dannyquest Designs has produced an American made collection of Champion quality dog sculptures handcrafted to please the demanding market of people throughout the world who love and exhibit purebred dogs.

Many of our pieces are offered in the traditional lost wax- foundry bronze as well as our internationally known cold-cast bronze collection. Cold cast bronze sculptures from Dannyquest Designs contain a heavy concentration of powered bronze throughout the casting. Each piece is then hand buffed to bring out the lustre of the bronze and finished with a hand rubbed wax patina.
We offer a growing collection of sculptures in nearly 130 breeds of dogs, from cabinet size miniatures to life size pieces. Ranging from whimsical to historical in nature, our collection includes easily recognized breeds as well as rare, exotic ones always portraying the top quality specimens in each breed.
With new artwork being added to the collection on a regular basis, Dannyquest continues to enjoy a sterling reputation for combining art and realism while offering the largest contemporary collection of fine art renderings of true to life dog sculptures being produced anywhere in the world today.
The Dannyquest Collection features the creative design concepts of Dee Burdick, owner, with sculptures by Tony Acevedo and Circe as well as several other artists.  Dannyquest sculptures are included in the permanent collection of The American Kennel Club Museum of the Dog and are offered as Best In Show, Challenge and Memorial trophies at dog shows throughout the world. 
With a lifetime of devotion to purebred dogs,  Dannyquest is proud to create a series of special Limited Edition sculptures to be marketed exclusively by individual national breed clubs. Each Club is free to determine where the money may best be used, but our personal commitment is to the health and welfare of all dogs. We feel honored to partner with these clubs and watch the projects become a major contribution towards a better quality of life for the animals we love. A number of new editions are currently being developed, and we welcome enquiries. Some recently completed projects are Boxers (in their second  issue), Dobermans, Pekingese, Newfoundlands, Rottweilers and German Shepherd Dogs with new designs being created for several more breeds.
Dannyquest also offers a growing collection of magnificent carousel music boxes and chess sets created for individual breeds. 

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